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    本文有太谷教育網小編為大家帶來 moneyisnoteverything篇1:中考英語作文范文 金錢不是一切-Money Is Not Everything

      金錢不是一切-Money Is Not Everything   金錢很重要,但金錢絕不是一切。有許多東西是我們用金錢買不到的。金錢值多少錢?健康、真愛、智慧,它們又值多少?我敢打賭沒有人能說得出來,因為它們是無價的。多少錢也無法買到時間、健康、真愛和智慧。這樣,你還會認為金錢就是一切嗎?   Money is something. But money is not everything. There are many precious things that we can"t buy with money. How much does time cost?And how much is health? True love? Wisdom? I bet no one knows. They are priceless. Money can buy none of them. So would you still think that money is everything?  

    moneyisnoteverything篇2:Wealth and Happiness_1000字

      Everybody wants to get wealth. In today’s material world, making money or becoming wealthy symbolizes a person’s success and capability. Many people make every effort, pay any price to attain greater wealth. With money, they can but nice, large apartments in nice neighborhood; with money, they can own stately luxury cars. Wealth seems with money. Wealth seems to bring all happiness in life.   每個人都想獲得財富。在今天的物質世界,賺錢或成為有錢人象征著一個人的成功和能力。許多人盡一切努力,不惜付出任何代價來獲得更多的財富。有了錢,但他們可以過得更好,住在尼斯附近的大型公寓;有了錢,他們可以有自己的豪華轎車。財富似乎就是有錢。財富似乎可以給生活帶來幸福。   In my opinion, people cannot do anything without money, but money is not everything. What money will bring you depends on your personal belief and goal in life. If you are kind enough to help others, especially the poor, money is a good thing to you. With it, you can do much more for the benefit of people and your country, and it will to your own happiness.   在我看來,沒有錢人們什么事情都不能做,但錢卻不是一切。金錢會給你帶來什么取決于你的個人信念和人生目標。如果你是好心幫助別人,特別是窮人,對于你錢是個好東西。有了它,你可以為人民謀福利,為你的國家做更多的事情,也會給你自己帶來幸福。   If you want money just for your own needs, you’ll never be satisfied or happy. In a word, you should have money spent for more people, only then can money be the source of your happiness.   你永遠不會滿意或高興如果你只是為了自己的需求而需要錢??傊?,你應該為更多的人花錢,只有這樣金錢才是你幸福的源泉。


      Wealth and Happiness   Some people think wealth can bring happiness to them. It is true that most of them try to acquire wealth by means of honest labor. They work hard and overcome many difficulties. After doing this, they feel very happy and pleased. Even their spending money is a kind of happiness。   But some people believe wealth can’t bring them happiness. For example, when one gets a fortune, the family members will come from different parts of the country and try to share the wealth with him. And afterwards, they will quarrel with one another, trying to share more. And sometimes even appear bloody fight and killing. What a terrible result!   In my opinion, I think there is no doubt that wealth brings happiness, especially in the modern society. If you have money you can lead a comfortable and colorful life. But we should take a proper attitude towards wealth. Remember: money is not everything。


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