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      1. The teacher asked the students ________ computer games for too long.

      A.don't play  B.didn't play  C.not to play  D.not play

      2. The doctor doesn't feel well today, ______ he still works very hard.

      A.but  B.and  C.so  D.or

      3. The smile on my mother's face showed that she was _______with me.

      A.sad  B.pleased  C.angry  D. sorry

      4. You'd better _______the book to others.

      A.don't lend  B.not to lend

      C.didn't lend  D.not lend

      5. The text is very easy for you. There are _____new words in it.

      A.a few  B.a little  C. few  D.little

      6. The box is________far for the boy______reach.

      A.too....to....  B.to; too  C.so;that  D.no;to

      7. May I use your dictionary? I want to ____a word.

      A.look at  B.look for  C.look after  D.look up

      8. ---Would you like some chicken ?

      ---_______.I've had enough.

      A. Yes, thank you.  B.No, thanks

      C.That's all right  D.Just fine.


      Long,long ago people made the first lightening(閃電).But they had to keep the fire burning,for they couldn't start it again if there was no lighting.Later,they found out hitting two pieces of stone together could make a spark(火花).The spark could fire dry leaves.In this way they could make the fire again if it went out .Then people also learned to make a fire by rubbing(摩擦).They made a hole on a piece of wood and put a smaller stick into the hole. They turned the stick again and again.After a few minutes they got a fire.

      As years went by, people learned other way to make a fire.Sometimes they used the heat from the sun.They held a piece of glass in the right way and made a piece of paper on fire.

      About two centuries ago, people began to make matches.Matches brought people a quick and easy way to make fires.Today matches are still being used, but people have more new ways to make fires.One of them is to use an electric fire starter.Of course an electric fire starter is much more expensive then a box of matches, But it is very useful.

      1. From the text we know that a spark can________.

      A.fire and leaves  B.burn anything

      C.burn dry leaves  D.keep fire burning

      2. We can also get a fire by__________.

      A.making a hole on a big piece of wood

      B.putting the smaller stick into the hole

      C.turning the stick hard for a while

      D.all above together

      3. Matches have been used ___________.

      A.for about two thousand years

      B.for about two hundred years

      C.since people began to use fire for cooking

      D.since people used the heat from the sun

      4. From the text, we know that _________.

      A.electric fire starters are widely used

      B.people haven't used matches since they had electric fire starters

      C.today there are only two ways to make fire

      D.some forest fires happen from lighting

      5. Which of the following is the right order of the ways to make fires that people got to know?

      A.with a match  B.from the sun

      C. from lightening  D.by rubbing

      e. with an electric fire starter

      A.a,b,c,d,c   B.b,c,a,e,d

      C.c,d,b,a,e   D.d,a,c,b,e


      一 .單項選擇

      1. C 解析:ask的用法是:ask sb to do sth,如果變復數在to前加not.

      2. A 解析:but表示轉折,意味,雖然醫生不舒服,但他還是努力工作。

      3. B 解析:根據句意,媽媽笑了,說明應該是對我感到滿意的。

      4. D 解析:had better用法,had better do sth否定是在do前加not.

      5. C 解析:word是可數名詞,只能用few或a few。Few表示否定意義,本題意為這篇文章很容易,幾乎沒有生詞。

      6. A 解析:too—to意為太---而不能---

      7. D 解析:look -- up 意為在(字典,書,電腦里)查找

      8. B 解析:習慣用法,No, thanks。禮貌的拒絕。


      1. C 解析:本題從第一段第四行可以得到答案。

      2. D 解析:從第一段最后三行可以看出答案,前三個選項就是通過摩擦生火的三步。

      3. B 解析:本題從第三段第一行可以得出答案。

      4. A 解析:本題可用排除法,從最后一段可以把BC排除,文中并沒提到閃電造成的火災,所以D也不對,只能選A。

      5. C 解析:從第一句看出第一句方式就是lighting,所以只能選C